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One click website

We have ready to deploy website templates at our disposal that you
can just fill the gaps with your content and it is ready to go.
All of our website templates are contantly updated to the latest technologies
so they are fast, beautiful and inexpensive.

Buy a website NOW!


Your clients want to find about your products online, don't let them waiting!
Let them buy everything from the confort of their houses!

Your business online!

Custom web development

Want to develop a browser extension, a web game using canvas/webgl,
fix a WebRTC chat or use some other browser api?
Talk to one of our developers!

Or maybe you want a unique looking website, tailored for your own audience!

What would be a better way to increase your online reach than
having a breathtaking unique website, built with the best
technologies that exist!

Hire a developer!

Customizable chat bot

An assistant for every message, an answer for every channel.

A simple chat bot to help your custommers online!

Let's talk chatbot!

Web scrapping

Do you need that table from that site or that info from that profile?

Let our scrappers get the data for you!

Get all the data!

Website optimization

Do you have a bad performing website?
Is it a wordpress website or maybe a very old jQuery + Boostrap that is not loading fast enough anymore?

Let us improve it!

Gotta go fast!


We are a Software House specialized in Web Development, our team has a
diversity of skills covering all of your needs: design,
implementation, testing, SEO and deployment.

Lotuz is based in Brazil, but borders don't limit our reach.


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